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UPDATE!!... May 6, 2009... It's been a very long time since an update was posted. The reason for such an incredibly long lapse is that not much has been happening with us in the music-making-as-a-group kind of way. Nevertheless, I wanted to let everyone know that we are, indeed, still alive and kickin', and tell you all how happy we are to be back in contact with so many of you great friends from the past. There's a new Pix Taken By Fans page, started with photos Shelley Leuchter sent us. If you have any photos of the band in action, please scan and send them to us! We'll love you even more than we do now, if that's possible! Here's a little you tube video you might take a peek at , if you have a fast enough connection for such things:

Be sure to check the guestbook if you haven't been there in awhile. There are new surprises all the time. Who can imagine who's going to be popping up next from out there in cyberspace? I can't wait to find out! Until next time, Peace and love, everyone... -JG

UPDATE!!... January 16, 2005... Happy New Year people... Another year is upon us and we're all still alive and kickin'. That alone is cause to celebrate, but we have so much more than that to celebrate and be thankful for... 2004 was a great year, full of good things and positive happenings. It was, of course, made complete and topped off by the wonderful Geezerfest '04 reunion, which enabled us to all be together as a six-piece band for the first time in over 20 years. It was truly gratifying to see so many of the old friends, fans and family come together at the Musclehead Live Room that late August night... Just having everyone all together in one place created a warm and fuzzy feeling that I'm personally diggin' to this day. In commemoration, Musclehead Music Productions has just released the Spider Kelly Live at Geezerfest '04 DVD! As the review says, "This DVD is a must-have for any Spider Kelly fan who didn't make it to Geezerfest '04, but especially required if you were there. A great way to re-live the fun, frolic and great times that were had at Geezerfest." Visit the MMP webstore to check out the details and buy it today! While you're there, be sure to check out the Spider Kelly Live at Jimmy McGee's DVD. I'll spare you the detailed hype, but this collection of videos is really worth having, covering everything from solid live performances to fun low-budget early SK video projects. Good for a fun musical flashback served up with a side of grins and giggles. Here's to you - may you all have happy and healthy days ahead - (clink), and to a 2005 that's as good as you've all been to us. Cheers! As usual, wishing you peace, love and all that is good in life... -JG

November 17, 2004... And the humbling goes on... I have added another batch of songs from Geezerfest 2004 to the MP3 page. The new additions are: Dreamer, Losin Me, Captain Sacto, Don't Push Me Too Far, and Something's Gonna Get You. Before you go there to download them though, I'm tempted to reiterate the disclaimer that we only had one rehearsal in 20-plus years, but I figure that you probably already have forgiven our musical transgressions, and based upon the Emails and feedback I've gotten, everyone seems to think that the live recordings sound great in spite of the long time away. Then again, I realize you all could be lying to me! At any rate, I hope you all get some smiles on your faces and have a few pleasant flashbacks while listening. I know I do. I can't listen to that night's output without a few snickers and grins. Go check 'em out. I bet you can't listen to them without a few smiles, if not outright laughs, either! Also, don't forget to share the experience with your families... It'll make appropriate listening for you while wallowing in the throes of indigestion after your Thanksgiving feasts. There's nothing like a tryptophan high to prime you for that stuff. As an added plus, it'll quite likely be a better cure for your nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and yes, even diarrhea, than Pepto-Bismol. But hey, don't wait until then. Go there now and get in the pink. Here's the link: Oddio from Geezerfest 2004.... Lovin' you all... JG

October 2, 2004... Yes, I've gone ahead and done it... Depending upon your perspective, I guess you could say I've either shown the world that the old geezers can still rock, or I've opened the door for public humiliation and ridicule of the once proud, tight and mighty Spider Kelly. How, you say? Well... by uploading (for your downloading and listening pleasure), a couple of the tunes recorded live at Geezerfest 2004, that's how! Within the tracks, there are assorted blunders, memory lapses, and warts of the musical and lyrical variety, but I keep trying to keep in mind that we only had one rehearsal in 20-plus years, and that it was all about getting together and having some fun, and sharing it with our friends... so as I try to keep that all in mind, I ask you to please do the same! It is what it is! Also, in my own defense, from a recording and mixing perspective, I'm in uncharted waters. Usually at Musclehead, I use an analog 8 track recorder and have a max of ten inputs. What with all of Kit's keyboards, three vocalists, two guitars, drums and bass, there weren't enough tracks to do it in the usual way (which would have given me unlimited mix time). Therefore, with the much appreciated help of Johnny Glover and Jeff Sterzer from Rochester Studios, I rented a digital 24 track recorder which we used to record the live event. Since then, Johnny and I have been chipping away mixing it there at Rochester with Johnny's digital software, but we have limited time, and for my ears, it's a 'foreign' monitor set up, so as we're mixing I'm not really sure how it's going to translate to hearing it in the real world on differing systems. As I now hear back what we've done so far, I can hear things that we should have definitely mixed differently, but for now anyway, we'll have to live with it, as we do have limited time (time is money), and as I said, after all, it is what it is! It's the first 'JG Square' production, and I can't thank Johnny Glover enough for sharing his digital engineering knowledge, as well as his time and effort to help us old geezers out. (Quick thanks here also to Tim Chapman for coming up with some money he owed me - which enabled me to pay for the rental - and for picking the gear up and bringing it to Musclehead.) Anyway, here they are - warts and all - a couple of songs from the Geezerfest 2004 shindig: Answer (3.23 MB mp3), and Outlaws (5.32MB mp3). As you listen, I beg you to forgive us our transgressions, and remember... we love you, people! - JG

August 26, 2004... Geezerfest 2004 is now, just like the band itself, a slowly fading footnote in the history of rock. What was it like? Did it rock? Did it suck? Did the band survive their return visit into those days of their musical youth and lives of non-stop rocking and rolling? Well, I can only speak for myself, and I have to tell you people, I'm still alive and actually feeling tremendous at the moment. Not only did I survive, but I thought it was a groove-a-licious, totally sighteous, rock-a-saurus of a bash. There was tons of food, bottomless drinks... old band video footage playing in the lobby... Spider Kelly 'reunion tour' t-shirts (thanks, Steel)... two sets of choice original SK songs... there were old friends and fans of Spider Kelly who came from far and wide... newer friends that had a chance to hear some live Spider Kelly tunage for the first time, including some of the progeny of the band members themselves (who had possibly never seen their old man do any rocking except for on the old wooden chair on the front porch)... all six members of the band... three-fourths of the crew... late sets from Scarlet Crush and Boxcar... a little jamming to end the night... what more could a bunch of old geezers ask for? Well, if you want to nit-pick, maybe someone could have spent a little more time brushing up on the lyrics, and maybe we could have rehearsed more than once in 20 plus years, but all things considered, it was really a great time, and musically speaking, you could still hear that sound.... To me, that's a good thing. I guess it's possible that someone might feel otherwise... I'm just going by how I felt and the vibes I got from the smiling faces I saw everywhere. If you were there, please let us know what you thought! You know where the guestbook is - it's right here. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it all. I know it took some time and resources on everyone's part to get there, especially those that came from miles away. Special thanks to Jeff Sterzer, Robert Sanchez, Brett Scott, John Glover and Dean LaRue for helping with the gear and tech stuff. Extra huge thanks to my wife Janet for all she did to help me get it together and to ease my worries about the minutiae. Hopefully we'll have some photos up within the next week or so. Maybe even a video clip... and an audio clip... we'll see if anything's worthy of downloading once I have the time to get it all together. They say rock and roll keeps you young. I wonder if it'll keep us all young enough to do this again sometime? Hmmm... Stranger things have happened, I guess... and that would probably have to include Geezerfest 2004 happening after 20 plus years... so I'd have to say anything's possible! Until we meet again, keep on spreading the message we preached back in the Class of '69... Peace and love, people... JG

July 10, 2004... Here it comes... Geezerfest, or as some call it, Fossilfest 2004. What will it be like? Careening stars of large proportions? Ego games that cause abortions? August 20th will hold the answer to this and other questions, because that'll be the day when, for the first time in over 20 years, the entire Spider Kelly band, coming from as far away as Connecticut and Tennessee, will be together on the Musclehead Music Productions stage and making their own wonderful brand of cacophony. (Hopefully without the emphasis on the phony... or the caca for that matter!) However it goes, it's going to be great to get together with the guys and dredge up a wide array of songs from the different periods of the band's existence. Gems like Bastard Son (4.7 MB mp3), Mad Earl (3.3 MB mp3), Captain Sacto (4.82MB mp3), and so many other great originals from the days of fun and frolic. Some of the guys will be bringing their kids, and it'll be their first time getting a glimpse at the old geezers' rockin' in this format. It oughta be a gasser, people! I'd tell you more, but I have to go dust off 20 years of cobwebs and rust from the recesses of my mind and bones. Also, there's the wheelchair ramps I need to install at the studio... and the cases of Metamucil and Geritol I have to order... It's gonna be a busy time for me between now and then, but hopefully it'll all be well worth it. I'll keep ya posted... JG

April 22, 2004... Stop. Hey, what's that sound? Is that merely the sound of old bones creaking? Or is it, perhaps, just the rumor mill grinding out another of those persistent rumors about a possible Spider Kelly 'reunion' jam? Hmm... I thought I might have heard something about a 'full band' shindig, sometime during the week of August 15 - 22. Could it possibly be true? Or is it just my overactive imagination? Or maybe it's merely my ears playing tricks on me, telling me they are in dire need of hygienic attention. What? Fossilfest 2004? I've got to find out what this is all about. Once I have the poop, you'll be the first to know. Watch this space in the coming weeks for all the latest developments... JG

August 7, 2002...It was a trip worth taking, our journey this past weekend. Strolling down memory lane, and trying to remember the tunage from past sets and recordings. Amazing how some of that stuff comes back to you. I guess that's because things you care about so much become ingrained in your DNA...or something like that. It was truly an awesome get together, which for me, bridged together a huge part of my past, Spider Kelly, with my project-mates and great friends in Scarlet Crush , who are such a major part of my life at present. Also, it was sooo cool to have Brett, Dax and Jeff Sterzer all take a turn on stage, and Johnny Glover was heroic filling in on drums Saturday night. Thanks also to Chris Daniels who took the drummer spot on Saturday afternoon before having to head out to his own gig. Both Dean LaRue, whose birthday it was on Friday, and Tony Deus Jr. also contributed their chops to the mix and helped with tech stuff. Thanks guys. It was very gratifying to have everyone's support and involvement, and I thank you all, but a special thanks goes out to Jeff Sterzer who played some drums, supplied a great guitar setup, and did his usual helpful organizing and encouraging. There were some funny occurances that I won't get into here, but anyone not there missed some pretty priceless moments. I'll do my best to post any photos sent my way, but I was too preoccupied to bring a camera or take any photos myself. Robert from Roughedge Records videotaped most of the extravaganza, and you can find a few shots taken from his video by clicking here . Next time maybe we'll get Cotton or Jeff Bastardi out to supply some real vocals. I couldn't sing worth a crap back then, and I still can't, but I did my best to remember the words and bellow it out in my own limited way. Thanks everyone for putting up with that, and all the other shenanigans that were going on during both Friday night's and Saturday's marathon session. Man, I'm ready to do it again soon! That's it for now. Sign the guestbook below, or Email one of the guys if you feel so inclined. Peace and love to you all. Until next time....John

July 24, 2002...Another year, with lots of changes and rolling with punches, has somehow gone by. I hope it's been a good one for everyone who cares enough to visit this page. The rumors are apparently true....there will be, at the very least, a partial mini-reunion and jam happening at Musclehead Music's Live Room the first Friday in August. Tony, John, Mike and Kit are confirmed. Dusty has to be in Oregon, and his participation is now 'highly un-probable' and, as it stands right now, Jeff probably won't make it either. Crew-wise Russ and Dean will be present, but like Jeff, Benny is across the continent and is as yet unconfirmed and unlikely. We're hoping for old time's sake that everyone finds a way to make it happen. It should be a fun get-together, whatever else happens will just be gravy. It'll most likely be a private affair, casual and closed to the public since we have not played together in so long. After all, it might taint whatever memories everyone has if people come expecting us to sound as if no time has passed. I'm sure none of us remembers the songs, and we'll probably spend more time refreshing each other's memories about the fun stuff that we all experienced together than we'll spend on the music. At least that's what I'm the same time remaining flexible and conceding that whatever happens happens! Sign the book if you would like to know what's happening as the date gets closer. As the song says, it won't be long now....'til later, John

July 5, 2001...Hey Everyone! We're back!! Yes!! Just when they think they've tromped and trampled that spider enough, he comes crawling back like nothing ever happened...and so it is with us! The history is present once again. However, during the turmoil, we did suffer the loss of the legendary guestbook, and a great loss it was! It was the lifeline to all of you who have visited previously. I just put a new guestbook up (at the bottom of this page), so please don't forget to sign it. We'll just have to re-spin the web of contacts. New updates, with lots of just unearthed pix (thanks, Dale), will be coming soon. In the meantime, click the links above to re-live the great times within these pages. Thanks for dropping in, come back often.
Peace and love...John.

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